A brief résumé of the main items covered in the AGM held at the Fishermans Club on Monday June 26th 2017

David May presented the accounts. Basically, considering that we received the final, much reduced, financial payment from the ECB (this is since EAGS took over the allotment management from the council), we didn’t do too badly in that we broke even. This was entirely due to us reaching a 97 percent allotment let rate (never achieved before) and that sales in the shop had risen year-on-year by 17%.

Gillian Dare presented the Allotments Manager report saying that the efforts had been directed towards securing the financial viability of the society in letting vacant plots and increasing shop sales. Without letting up on these, Gillian’s and Claire’s focus will now be more towards ensuring that unused and overgrown plots were returned to cultivation. Gillian said that towards this objective, 51 eviction notices have been recently issued.

Gillian also stated that there are further challenges ahead including completing a reissue of the allotment rules and regulations, and the introduction of a new windows based operating system for the allotment management.

Gareth Williams, on behalf of the Council, outlined the history of the allotments relationship with the allotments society, and gave assurance that all the allotments were statutorily secure.

On any other business it was agreed that allowing ponds on plots, and the use of b-b-q’s, would be reviewed. The major concern raised by those members present was overgrown unused plots, which Gillian reemphasized would be tackled in the coming year. A question was raised about people sleeping on some sites. Gillian reiterated that without firm evidence there is little that can be done. If anyone can provide clear evidence of anyone staying on site overnight please provide the information, in confidence, to Gillian.

The society officers were re-elected unopposed, with the exception of committee member Jeff Wallis, who did not seek re-election and has been replaced by Tim Cook.

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