Carlingford seed potatoes are now available in the shop.

If planted soon potatoes should be available for Christmas lunch.

They are attractive white skinned tubers, with a slightly nutty flavour.

The tag which comes with the potatoes says that the tubers can be planted into "the garden plots or in containers" In my opinion it would be difficult to harvest a crop at Christmas from ground planting - it would require a very mild winter up to December with the temperature not falling below 5 degrees.

It would be much safer to plant the tubers in containers. I would recommend 2 tubers planted three quarters of the way down into a 10 litre pot, filled with a multipurpose compost enhanced with a good handful of general fertiliser - Growmore, Blood, Sweat & Tears, or 6X.

When to plant is in the lap of the gods. Too early and they’re ready before Christmas but too late and not only do you miss Christmas but they’ll probably be struck with a hard frost and not crop at all. It is recommended that the best time is the last week of August or the first week of September. Chit the tubers in the normal way up until then.

The pot should be continually well watered and can be kept outside until the temperature threatens to fall below 5 degrees. They should then be carried indoors, or if not practical, find somewhere under cover and protect with fleece.

Apart from that it's crossed fingers and with a fair wind you can harvest a wonderful treat.

The cost in the shop is £2 for a kilo. A quick google shows that this compares to £4.99 a kilo from Suttons Seeds. So a veritable bargain in the shop.

Have a go and good luck.

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