DUAL ACTION GARDEN MULCH as used at RHS Wisley and the Eden Project Strulch © is a light and easy to use garden mulch made from wheat straw for organic gardening. A patented process is used to ‘preserve’ the straw so that it lasts for up to two years and gives an earthy brown colour.

Strulch has a neutral pH and can be used throughout the garden on borders, raised beds, around cultivated fruit and on vegetable plots. • Spend less time weeding

Strulch reduces weed growth by up to 95% • Save water

Strulch helps retain moisture around plants • Improve your soil

Strulch enriches soil and its structure • Use all around the garden

Strulch is suitable around flowers, shrubs, fruit and vegetables • Slug and Snail deterrent

The physical properties of Strulch together with the embedded minerals deters slugs and snails

150 litre sack £8.00

Interestingly, Strulch is available in all the seed catalogues and even Waitrose. But they all seem to sell a 100 litre bag at prices ranging from £8.99 on amazon up to £22.99 at Suttons seeds.

Once again, the EAGS shop provides a veritable bargain.

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