Many, many moons ago, one night having imbibed far too much “medicine”, a group of us played the game of trying to think up new names for a pop group. The one I remember which I thought of was The Hedgehogs. I totally forgot this for countless years until I sat down to write this blog.

So a quick google, as one does, tells me that The Hedgehogs are a six-piece psychedelic garage-rock band from Aalborg, Denmark, formed in 2009. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have any gigs in Eastbourne in the near future.

While on the google page, I noticed the following important piece of research into what music hedgehogs like, which I think should be shared. Just to clarify this is regarding the spiny mammal, not the Danish wacky backy smokers.

Evidently, extensive research into this exact subject has been conducted for many years, and at a tremendous cost. Although many complex and sophisticated audio components had to be custom developed for this inarguably critical investigation, finally after 23 years, sixteen days and 7 hours of data analysis the world's greatest minds finally reached a conclusion.

Brain scan results have consistently demonstrated that Hedgehogs go into a state of tremendous endorphin production and heightened sexual stimulus when exposed to the first three songs of the debut album “Love Will Keep Us Together” by Captain & Tennille.

Oddly, these test results can only be duplicated using the cassette release version, and with the “Dolby B” filter activated.

An astounding discovery, which brings me to another discovery that hedgehogs (not the Danes) have been seen on the Gorringe Road site.

So a plea to all sites that when rummaging around in compost bins, or about to start a fire, please be aware that hedgehogs could be lurking within – and use due care accordingly.

Which brings me to whatever happened to Captain & Tennille...…..

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