Louise in the office has sent me a photo of a snail which she found on her plot. Louise has named the snail Sam, an appropriate unisex name, as it’s difficult to know which sex snails are – I wouldn’t know where to start. Sam is now nicely snug and happy with Louise at her home, but would be appreciative of any spare lettuce anyone has.

There is some hope for the welfare of snails because the sale of slug pellets containing Metaldehyde has been banned from June of this year, and the use of the pellets from next year. There are still some tubs available in the EAGS shop, so if you wish to stock up, do so before June.

The alternative slug pellets, above, which don’t contain Metaldehyde are also available in the shop, and will continue to be so.

And spare a thought for Sam, who avoided the Metaldehyde slug pellets. He was only born on the first of this month, and bears testimony to how Louise has cared for her/ him/ it.

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