Gillian's Leaving

It is with much regret that the Trustees have accepted Gillian's resignation from the post of Allotments Manager. Gillian has recently become a grandmother and wishes to spend more time with her grandaughter, plus pursuing her many interests.

We would like to thank Gillian for all the marvellous work she has done for the Society over the last seven and a half years. It was clear that she was totally committed to the job, and worked with energy, fairness, and honesty, always in the interests of the Society, sprinkled with a little bit of Scottish humour.

It is hoped that the Community plot, which is Gillian's brainchild, will be a lasting reminder of Gillian's effort and dedication.

Thank you, Gillian Dare.

Luckily for the Society, we have an excellent ready made successor in Louise Elms, who the trustees unanimously agreed should be appointed as the new Allotments Manager. Louise is the present Admin Assistant working with Gillian, so the handover should be smooth and seamless.

It does mean though, that the Society requires a new Admin Assistant. Should anyone wish to apply please talk to Gillian or Louise in the office.

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